Potjieking Outdoor Charcoal Grill Versatile

This outside camping grill is a must have with its array of cooking options. It's fuel efficient, safe and compact. It is portable,stainless steel, comes standard in a carry bag can be used at home, tailgating, camping, fishing, day out at the beach or any other way you can think of. When you are done cooking use it as a fire pit while you enjoy your food. Use it with the grill supplied or with any accessory like pots, pans and woks and even kettles. It burns charcoal, wood and briquettes. It's easy to clean and leaves it looking brand new after each use. To clean it wait until it has cooled, use the hand tool supplied to take out the coal grid then tip out the ash, give it a wipe and pack away in its custom carry bag. After it has been used it will discolor, this is a natural reaction to the heat. The discoloring in no way affects the functioning of the grill. Use a stainless steel cleaner to get rid of most of the stains left. You can use the grid as a cooking platform and place camping pans, pots and kettles on it. Like all things in life, if you take care of your grill it will last a very long time. Don't leave it out in the rain, clean it of ash after each use and pack away. Safety: Use tool to open/close when lit Grill will become hot when used Do not empty out the ash until completely cold Ensure fold up legs are clipped securely in either raised or lowered position before and after use Coal grid can be sharp so use with caution How to setup your grill: Remove from carry bag and secure the legs with clips in the raised position Place fire starters in the lower compartment Replace coal grid and pack with one layer of charcoal (either flat packed or on their sides depending on the heat or cooking required) Light fire lighters Keep lower door open and top door closed to allow for optimum airflow Once the charcoal has stopped making smoke, close bottom door and place grid, pot, pan on it. Increase temperature, open bottom door as necessary.

Special features:

  • Fuel Efficient
  • Fire Safe
  • Light weight & compact design, Cooks with Pots, Woks and kettles, Fits most Potjie Pot Sizes,
  • Stainless Steel
  • Burns briquettes, wood and charcoal

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