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Welcome, grillmaster! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by. Let’s make your next barbecue awesome with tasty sauces and seasonings.

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More of a visual learner? Then Jimmy has several videos he’d love to share with you. Watch step-by-step tutorials for some of our favorite recipes for grillmasters.

Looking to barbecue something adventurous? We can also show you how to make some delicious South African barbecue recipes to delight your family and friends. Before you know it, boerewors will become a part of your daily vocabulary and coriander will become the most used spice in your cabinet.

We’ll also show you how to make that bread dough with Jimmy’s sauce, if you were curious!

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What Customers Are Saying

Grillmasters around the world love to grill with Jimmy’s Sauces. Read why our friends from both sides of the Atlantic think Jimmy’s Sauce is a grillmaster’s best friend. 

“The whole family loves cooking with Jimmy’s Sauce!! It just takes your dish to a different more delicious level!!!”

Erone Adams

Erone Adams

Aurora, CO
My pa started and owned Crown Mills Spice Works in South Africa. Now Crown National and I still make my [sausage] and [beef jerky] here in Los Angeles, CA, FROM THE SAME SPICES!
Basil L. Behrman

Basil L. Behrman

Los Angeles, CA
“Jimmy’s Sauce took the title for ‘World Champion Steak Sauce’! I’m so proud I get to drive around every day with the best sauce maker in the world!" (translated from Afrikaans)
Bernard Braaidbroodjie

Bernard "Braaibroodjie"

Cape Town, South Africa


As we said earlier, we love barbecues because of their communal vibe. We don’t want our sauce to be the reason your whole family or group of friends can’t enjoy a barbecue together. That’s why all our sauces are certified both 100% kosher and 100% halal.

Invite Everyone!

If you, your family, or your friends practice Judaism or Islam, you can now enjoy barbecue without having to check ingredient lists. And what better way to get to know someone from a different religious background than over a freshly grilled steak or burger and a bottle of Jimmy’s BBQ sauce?

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