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About Jimmy's Sauces

It all started with The Original Most Versatile Steak Sauce.

Founded in 1997 by Jimmy and Linda Baptista in their kitchen, awarded the world champion steak sauce title, Louisiana, USA, and South Africa's top selling marinade, cooking and basting sauce, Jimmy's Sauces became a house hold name known for it's quality sauces. No meal is complete without this most versatile sauce, available in a wide range of products to suite almost any individual, no matter your age. It can be used in every dish imaginable, and truly loved by all Jimmyholics around the world.

Currently manufactured in Cape Town, & distributed throughout South Africa, available in all major city centers. The company is committed to building the Jimmy's brand to become a house-hold name across the globe. We are already available in countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe to name a few. Now also available in the United States of America!

Our products can be used in stir-fries, stews, hamburgers, steaks, spareribs, chicken, lamb, & many more exciting ways. No person should be without it. Only made of the highest quality ingredients such as tomatoes, chutney, worcester sauce, & selected herbs & spices. We also supply various other sauces, spices, & herbs to the catering, restaurant, retail and butchery trades. We have available a range of quality Crown National spices for use in sausage, jerky (biltong) and many more delicious food.

Jimmy's Steak sauces and seasoning salt
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