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Gather ‘round! Here’s why Jimmy’s Sauces
USA is the MVP of BBQs

From Cape Town to your town

What started in a small South African kitchen in '97 soon became a household name—globally. Available in NZ, the UK, and now the USA.

Championship legacy

We ain't just whistlin' Dixie! Our sauce bagged the World Champion Steak Sauce title at the 2015 Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo.

Flavor for every forkful

Steak, chicken, or veggies—it don't matter. Our grill sauces, seasonings, and marinades for steak jazz up any dish, makin' 'em the perfect BBQ sidekick.

Community and tradition

Crafted with the finest ingredients, we're about bringing folks together, from backyard cookouts to tailgate parties... One BBQ at a time.

Fire Up That Grill with Jimmy’s – It’s BBQ Time!

Spice up your cookout with our award-winning grill sauces and seasonings.
With kosher and halal options available, everyone is welcome at a Jimmy's BBQ!

Grill Sauces:

Whether it's smokin' ribs, crunchy chicken or sizzlin' steaks, our BBQ sauces add that perfect Southern charm to your dishes.


Grab our branded grillin' gear, everything from aprons to utensils, and show 'em you mean BBQ business.

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Here's to sharing, learning, and celebrating the art of grillin’.

Hear it from other
#GrillMasters across the globe

“The whole family loves cooking with Jimmy’s Sauce!! It just takes your dish to a different more delicious level!!!”

Erone Adams

Aurora, CO
My pa started and owned Crown Mills Spice Works in South Africa. Now Crown National and I still make my [sausage] and [beef jerky] here in Los Angeles, CA, FROM THE SAME SPICES!

Basil L. Behrman

Los Angeles, CA
“Jimmy’s Sauce took the title for ‘World Champion Steak Sauce’! I’m so proud I get to drive around every day with the best sauce maker in the world!” (translated from Afrikaans)

Bernard “Braaibroodjie”

Cape Town, South Africa

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Jimmy's Sauces USA
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