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Plastic biltong hooks pack of 100 Used for hanging of biltong, jerky and droewors
ROOIBOS BLEND: NATURAL Grown, harvested, dried and packed on a family estate in a small area of South Africa's Western Cape, this rooibos tea is as clear and bright as the African sun it grew...
Outstanding Features: Real workhorses with powerful motors The cutting discs (3.5mm blades) are dynamically balanced with the blade for vibration free operation Machines requires no maintenance but sharpening of the blades depending on use Hinged...
Tongs are 16 inches in length which guarantees safe distance from hot charcoals or flame. Ergonomic design for safe and comfortable handling with minimum risk of food slipping and sliding. Perfect For turning steaks, sausages,...
Claasens Hand Biltong Slicer (Adjustable to cut 2-9mm slices)
$180.00 $220.00
FEATURES Original patent Fit onto table top Durable epoxy coated Adjustable to cut 2-9mm slices Hardened steel blade INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE This model cuts any thickness of biltong slices (between 2 and 9 mm) Screw...
Aluminium Potjie Pot Size 3 versatile (flat and screw in legs) - African Pot
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$99.95 $109.95
The Size 3 Potjie Pot includes well-fitted lid and carrying handle. Made from Aluminium apposed to cast iron to prevent rust, pre-seasoning with oil, easier cleaning and lighter weight. This is one of the most...
Potjieking Outdoor Charcoal Grill Versatile
$195.00 $220.00
This outside camping grill is a must have with its array of cooking options. It's fuel efficient, safe and compact. It is portable,stainless steel, comes standard in a carry bag can be used at home,...
Jimmy's Branded bib apron A great look for the Jimmyholic Made of vinyl Black and red trimmings with Jimmy's Logo Measures 27" length by 21" width
Important: The price does NOT Include Shipping Cost! Shipping will be Invoiced separately   SUPPLIED WITH THE FOLLOWING: Heavy duty firebox chamber and smoke gather combination.Durable nickel plated grill, (size: 750mmx420mm)Slide in and under re-enforced door...
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